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User:Muhammed Bahadir Kucuk
Title:GREEN RACE and OLV MINOR Orienteering Race
Map:Lange Duinen
Class:M 21
Run date:01.12.2018
Date added:17.05.2019
Notes:01.12.2018, The orienteering race which was organized by GREEN RACE and OLV MINOR Orienteering Team was marvellous in Soest. My misfortune was forgetting to take map legend from the organizer desk. I figured out before starting but I thought that, generally in the orienteering maps, there is also map legend on the map but when I found the first point, I looked all sides of the map but there is no map legend on the map. Thus, I decided to go back to start, nothing to do for me in a such situation because I should always check the point numbers which I did not have right that time. This demoralized me before race. I explained the situation to the staff and started again. After the first point while going second one, I run across sand to which I am not accustomed. Thus, I surprized a little bit and this made me make mistakes until fourth point. After that, I managed to run well. Yet, the loss of time in the first points threw me to back in the ranking. Also nearly the half of the points were on the sand and it tired me more than forest but amazing. Never mind! It was wondrous organization. Thank you for all organizers and orienteers... *********************************** Results: http://www.splitsbrowser.org.uk/splitsgraph.php?eventId=11107&fbclid=IwAR0AAuCs8sA65YSRijouGJ2OjlrbEBfNvRFkJBUFHFnHadwE6NqlLJaMvHU