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User:Muhammed Bahadir Kucuk
Title:Argus Orienteering Run in Ginkel Noord
Map:Regionale wedstrijd
Class:M 21
Run date:25.11.2018
Date added:18.05.2019
Notes:This was the first Orienteering Race for me in the Netherlands . I managed to take the third place in the race. I am really appreciated organizer club, Argus. Noord Ginkel in Ede is an fantastic forest. I saw two dark wild pigs(warthog) in the 19. Point and suddenly I took a knee in the backside of bush. They passed nearly 30 meters away from me. I saw also two people riding their horses while running towards 10. Point. I thought that It can also be a outstanding activity that you can do in the Noord Ginkel. In everypart of forest, there was abundance of cyclist. They were showing their ability in low hills. It was a little bit cold and the grass was wet but this is always what orienteering brings with. Everything was wondrous. Thank you... 25.11.2018 Ede , Netherlands You can see my ROUTE on MAP here: http://www.orienteeringonline.net/EditTrack.aspx?RouteID=1802 You can see my run on STRAVA here: https://www.strava.com/activities/2274294615?fbclid=IwAR1QrVCT95N7cI4fGOUGqUMFcefz0t0uVbc7bptGjNjG7UqCpPNYm-UDQHE